Clearfy Cache Pro.

Speed up your website with Webcraftic Clearfy Cache Business . Get a faster website in a few clicks. No coding required. This is a universal WordPress optimization plugin. Since developers started working with clients 8 years ago, they managed to collect the most useful WordPress optimization functions and combine it all in one. The biggest advantage is that it doesn’t replace such plugins as Yoast SEO, Autoptimize, WP super cache. It, instead, completes them and increases productivity.

Clearfy Cache Pro Business Plugin Features

Improves SEO. Get rid of the most popular SEO-errors, attract more visitors from search engines, and improve website search engine indexing.

Simplifies WordPress. Get extra 200 additional functions and make your WordPress experience faster and easier.

Absolutely safe. You download a plugin from repository. It’s absolutely safe.

Extended security. Enables/disables functions helping to increase your website security.

Speeds up the website. Increases performance by disabling unused functions and ceasing the number of requests.

Replaces up to 50 plugins. This is a universal plugin that can replace up to 50 individual optimization plugins.

User-friendly interface. When designing the plugin interface, our primary focus was its usability and speed of settings.

Disable unused functions. WordPress is a universal CMS, which means that the platform is full of different functions and widgets in order to customize the website to various themes. Clearfy Business allows you to disable unused functions and widgets, which mean you will get rid of all irrelevant!

Disable blogging system. There’s no need in blogging and RSS functionality on landing page. Disable these options and save your hosting resources.

Disable unused metaboxes. Plugin and themes can add metaboxes on the Edit page, cluttering interface and producing extra load. If you think you don’t need any metaboxes, then just remove them.

Disable comments. In some landings there’s a need to disable comment system at all. You can’t fully turn off this feature using WordPress, as you are allowed to hide them.

Remove unused post types. There are tons of beautiful and multifunctional WordPress themes, and most of them have specific post types, such as “Portfolio”, “Reviews”, etc. These types may be completely useless on your website, therefore it should be possible to remove them.

Remove unused widgets. There are more than a dozen of widgets, add here your theme widgets as well. You may not use most of the widgets, and now are able to remove them.


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