CSS Hero Animator : the best animation plugin in the WordPress town.​

Add awesome scroll and time based animation effects to your WordPress sites, with an easy but powerful point and click interface.

Point, Click and Animate​

Animator comes with 3 different animation modes to easily animate any element on your WordPress site.


Tween animations based on element percent position in viewport. Typical use case is applying images a vertical position offset on scroll to achieve parallax effect.


Trigger specific css styles and transformations after a fixed amout of scrolled pixels. Typical use case is applying state specific styles to a header upon scroll.


Create time based animations. Set duration, easing and animation repeat options to spice up element appearence. Typical use case is adding a float animation to an element to make it pop.

Precisely build scroll based animations​

Build complex parallax animations with ease by assigning step values. Transitions will be silk-smooth, as Animator applies tweening based on the element’s position in the viewport.


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