WP Crowdfunding pro is a revolutionary WordPress plugin that helps you create a fundraising or backer site with WordPress. This plugin is based on WooCommerce. It has a native wallet system for accepting local payments. WP Crowdfunding has the facility to split the money through Stripe Connect. This fundraising WordPress plugin gives you a theme completely free with its pro package. It’s a full fledged crowdfunding system.

Based on WooCommerce

WP Crowdfunding uses the power of WooCommerce to accept and manage pledges from backers. We’ve deeply paired the world’s renowned e-commerce system for WordPress with our crowdfunding plugin.
Sets up the backing mechanism inside
Intuitive functionalities for backers
Native Wallet System

Native Wallet System

WP Crowdfunding Native Wallet system keeps track of funds raised on a crowdfunding project. The project owner can send a withdraw request to the admin after raising a certain amount of money. It calculates the withdrawable project funds, website commissions and generates statistics.
  • Keep track of the raised amount
  • Send a withdraw request
  • Manage raised funds
Stripe Connect

Stripe Connect

Stripe Connect payment system is very useful for crowdfunding sites to seamlessly send the money to the project owner and the admin at a time (as configured). WP Crowdfunding offers this facility by supporting Stripe Connect.
  • Distribute money seamlessly
  • Easy and smooth integration
Frontend Operations

Frontend Operations

From registration to the project submission form, everything is frontend in WP Crowdfunding. Users can add or update projects in a comfortable, easy to use interface.
  • Add payment methods
  • Enjoy automated calculation
  • Raise, transfer & manage money
Money Management

Money Management

WP Crowdfunding offers a versatile money management system. Payment methods like PayPal, Stripe, Skrill, cards, all are supported.
  • Add payment methods
  • Enjoy automated calculation
  • Raise, transfer & manage money

How it works

The most convenient crowdfunding user experience for everyone —

Campaign Owner

01. Sign up & Start a Campaign

02. Define Target Goals and Timeline

03. Get Admin Approval

04. Get Approved

05. Raise Funds from Campaign

06. Check Status from Dashboard

07. Request for Fund Withdrawal

08. Withdrawal Fund


01. Select Desired Campaign

02. Choose Rewards

03. Pick A Payment Method

04. Donate Anonymously or Visibly

05. Place Order or Donate

06. Track Campaign Status

07. Receive Final Product (Optional)

Website Admin

01. Configure Payment Gateway

02. Receive Campaign Requests

03. Review and Approve Requests

04. Set Commission Amount

05. Receive Pledges/Donations

06. Process Withdrawal Requests

07. Check Status of Each Campaign

08. Distribute Funds


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